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First dividend of the year has been received from Altria $MO of £10.53. Going to have less this month of 2022 than of 2021 but overall forward projected dividend income is up YOY
Woke up this morning to another ebook sale! Talk about making money in your sleep 🔥
Get your copy here:
Guide to wealth - The money text book
Grab yourself a copy for only $4.99
22 Chapters spanning 111 pages.
Just updated my spreadsheet this morning as i received my £SGRO.L dividend last week and have just realised I've now achieved £600 in dividends this year. The dividends represent 4% of my income currently.

The spreadsheet i use can be found here:
Slowing updating and increasing the Guide To Wealth eBook and has gone from 83 pages to 93 pages long.

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Pablo Picasso originals to Pokemon cards

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These aren't the riskiest but there is always some uncertainty involved when bringing a company to the exchange

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Here I shall be documenting my investments and journey to retire early.