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  • First dividend of the year has been received from Altria $MO of £10.53. Going to have less this month of 2022 than of 2021 but overall forward projected dividend income is up YOY
    Woke up this morning to another ebook sale! Talk about making money in your sleep 🔥
    Get your copy here:
    Guide to wealth - The money text book
    Grab yourself a copy for only $4.99
    22 Chapters spanning 111 pages.
    Just updated my spreadsheet this morning as i received my £SGRO.L dividend last week and have just realised I've now achieved £600 in dividends this year. The dividends represent 4% of my income currently.

    The spreadsheet i use can be found here:
    Slowing updating and increasing the Guide To Wealth eBook and has gone from 83 pages to 93 pages long.
    A nice gain of 0.69% made with the Smart Portfolio in the first week which isn't bad at all!

    The Smart Portfolio is now live! Check it out and give some feedback. Feel free to follow the journey and have a bit of fun with investing.
    The Guide To Wealth - Sensible Investors eBook is now live!
    Get your copy via this link:
    The Sensible Investors eBook - Guide To Wealth is being released tomorrow! Thank you to those who have taken interest in downloading the sample and are taking advantage of the other resources we have to offer on the site.
    If you want to increase your passive income, focus on your active income first. Whether that be from your main job or your side hustles. Use that extra money earnt to boost your initial capital. Compounding happens later after you have done the heavy lifting.
    The resource section has almost got a total of 100 downloads (92). Hope everyone who has downloaded any resource that its helped them in some way. If you have found it useful, please leave a rating to let others know if its good.

    Sorry about this weeks £5 challenge. last couple days have been super busy but will still get it out this week.

    I have already bought this investment and is a little different.

    I am also building up the charity pie and refining it till the point i can make a post/video about it.
    Looking at creating a Charity Trading212 pie.

    Consisting of companies which try and work towards a better world in a general way.
    Currently 10 stocks and has a minimum investment of £10.
    Will look at donating the dividend income created to charities.

    Tomorrow shall be the next £5 challenge stock. I have had two members ask for specific stocks to be researched. If you have one you would like me to add to my list you can DM me on here and i can add it in.

    £5 challenge can be found here:
    Just updated the list of quarterly dividend stocks.
    Latest episode of The Cey and Ben show is now live. We talked about the F.I.R.E movement and we loved talking about this topic.
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