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Help & Tips

Here you can find helpful Tips and tricks when navigating the forums.

Help & Tips


1. By hovering over the like button there are a multitude of reaction emotes.

2. When making a post you will find you can insert links, pictures and more by using the top bar above where you can write your reply. This may change from forum to forum.

3. Under preference settings you have change options about what actions you receive emails for. With this you can limit the amount of emails you receive to the bare minimum. Here you can also edit what you get on forum notifications for, E.g. Trophies, reacts on your post or people who have started following your profile.

4. If a certain topic appeals to you, you are able to watch a certain thread or forum by pressing the watch button. Through this you can customise what you really want to see, whether that be new threads or messages. You can select how you get contacted, through either email or alerts.

4.1. Through the watch button you can also silence forums if please, by selecting don't send notifications and untick the alerts and emails.

5. You are able to report comments and even profiles. If you feel like someone is harassing you or posting offensive comments which go against our community's pillars you can make a comment on the report and the moderators will deal with it.

6. You can follow users or even ignore users. When you follow a user you can get updates of their recent profile posts. This is a way to follow your friends or influencers.