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Basic Stock Evaluation Google Sheet

Basic Stock Evaluation Google Sheet 2021-04-05

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Stock Evaluation Google Sheet

Here we have a simple google sheet which allows you to evaluate stocks against the fundamentals you look for in a company.

Once you open the link, make a copy to create your own personal sheet.
If on mobile this can be done through the share & export button.

*members only download

The first sheet being Stock fundamental where you input the specific range of fundamentals you look for, this is from the lowest to highest. For example dividend yield, you can input 1 in the low and 8 in the high, this means the stock has to have a minimum of 1% yield and a max of 8%.

There are a total of 24 potential fundamental ranges you can set, you don't have to set low/high for all but this will affect the max amount of point a stock can get.


The second sheet is the quick calculator. Here you type in the ticker symbol of the stock and it'll pull the name. For stocks on the LSE you may have to enter LON:

Filling out the specific fundamentals of the stock into the sheet it will turn green if its within the range you have set. If a field is green it will count as a score of 1. The higher score a stock has, the more fundamental ranges it has scored successfully.


There is a watch list where you can compare previously search for stocks so you can view your personal ranking list.

Most fundamentals can be found via Yahoo Finance

All of this is free to our Sensible Investors to use at their will.
We hope this resource will help many
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