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FI Flow chart

FI Flow chart V1

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FI Flow Chart

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A simple flow chart to help you through the basic financial decisions many make on their route to financial freedom.

These are split into 6 categories: Basics (budget), debt, savings, pensions, ISA/LISA & taxable investments.

When aiming for Financial Independence, we want to make the most of our money. Whether that be paying down bets or claiming tax back when investing into pension pots. This shows you a road map of how to get the most bang for your buck, as they say.

This flow chart isn't the be all end all and isn't exact for everyone's personal situation but can provide you with ideas of the potential's you have when it comes to aiming for such a goal. With this flow chart you'll be able to see which stage you are at on your journey and where it might be best to place your money.

Abbreviations used
ISAIndividual savings account
LISALifetime ISA
LTALife Time Allowance
SIPPSelf Invested Personal Pension
GIAGeneral Invest Account
FIFinancial Independence
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