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Retirement Game Plan Google Sheet

Retirement Game Plan Google Sheet 2021-04-05

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Retirement Game Plan Google Sheet

Here we have a fantastic Google sheet which can help create a retirement game plan, or even an early retirement game plan.

This is a simple spreadsheet which combines many parts of investing.

Once you open the link, make a copy to create your own personal sheet.
If on mobile this can be done through the share & export button.

*members only download

First to fill out is your age, this is a must as the sheet works off compounding growth rate. The basic growth rate is what the market averages over a time period, roughly 7%-8% after inflation.
You also have to include a safe withdrawal rate (SWR) which is normally considered to be between 3%-4% - If interested in SWR click here.


If aiming for early retirement then input the age you wish to retire early and the desired income required at the age. Input your current investment value and the value of monthly deposits, these are negative numbers for the equation.

This will calculate the estimated value of the portfolio and takes your SWR to calculate your estimated income at early retirement age.


You can also calculate your total portfolio value at your set retirement age, this number also takes into account your early retirement calculations so if investing into an ISA or GIA fill that section out also.

Additional fields at the bottom for additional income such as state pension and rental income.


Please remember these are estimated calculations and should be used to help mould a retirement plan.

All of this is free to our Sensible Investors to use at their will.
We hope this resource will help many
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