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  1. The Dividend Experiment

    The (almost) Daily Dividend Pie

    Good question, I am actually doing the "man vs machine" to check exactly this as I am not sure which performs better, only the hypothetical. Here's a link to the first in the video series: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLJjfSo5H-hdC1r1eOq_FUu3_8M_wikIO0
  2. The Dividend Experiment

    I Interviewed 20 Leading Wealth Management Firms: Here Are All Their Strategies

    Found this write up on Reddit, I thought it was pretty interesting: "I sold a company I created, and after the press release went out, I was inundated with very gracious offers to take and manage my newfound money for fees. At the time, I presumed these wealth managers, after managing hundreds...
  3. The Dividend Experiment

    Should You Cancel Your Credit Card After You Pay it Off?

    Oh really? I always assumed that was better to be as big as possible
  4. The Dividend Experiment

    Who uses premium bonds?

    I use it as my emergency fund, have about £12,500 in atm and win fairly often. The actual interest rate equivalent is pretty low still but its a lot more fun than a savings account and the money stays at the same value.
  5. The Dividend Experiment

    Experts say £10,900 annual income needed to retire.

    Thats something I was thinking about the other day, was on the government website and it was saying how many years of national insurance payments I have missed and there is an option to pay into it. Weighing up if its worth paying to get a state pension if its just going to be when I'm 95 or...
  6. The Dividend Experiment

    Experts say £10,900 annual income needed to retire.

    I could live on £10,900 a year quite easily I think. Absolutely not in the UK mind you!
  7. The Dividend Experiment

    What's your most recent dividend buy?

    That's the great thing about stocks I guess, one man's trash is another man's treasure😂 . Direct line I am not so familiar with, why did you choose it over say Aviva or Legal and General?
  8. The Dividend Experiment

    What's your most recent dividend buy?

    What was the most recent dividend company you bought? And more importantly, why? For me it was Rio Tinto, I think that it will be volatile from here but I want to increase my position anyway and it feels nice to average down.
  9. The Dividend Experiment

    September Dividends £114.70 from 5 positions

    You love to see it! Very nice
  10. The Dividend Experiment

    October 2021 - Total Income: £25.28

    When I saw the title I thought you were calling it early as if you decided you weren't going to make anymore this month 😂
  11. The Dividend Experiment

    Places with ZERO income tax

    Western Sahara, Somalia etc I would rather pay significant income tax than move there. One thing to note is that tax residency is more important than where you are actually living, its not as easy as instagrammers make out. Many places have a 180 days test for tax residency but there are other...
  12. The Dividend Experiment

    The Sensible Investors Fantasy Premier League

    Prizes for 2-5th place have now been confirmed. Still all to play for!
  13. The Dividend Experiment

    Rage quitting work

    I quit my job after completing the training once as they essentially did a complete switcheroo on what I had applied for after I committed to joining. I turned up to the week training and they had swapped my job role and lowered my salary, so did the paid training and handed my notice in...
  14. The Dividend Experiment

    The Sensible Investors Fantasy Premier League

    Pepe Pig is smashing it!
  15. The Dividend Experiment

    Freetrade new share offering

    As I understand it the restriction on ISA is that you aren't allowed to 'subscribe' to more than one of the same type of ISA per yer. Subscribe in this context means to open a new account or add money. I don't think you would be able to transfer a cash isa to them if you already have a S&S ISA...
  16. The Dividend Experiment

    LMP London Metric

    Yeah it seems right up my street if I am honest, would rather own it than any of those high street names potnetially.
  17. The Dividend Experiment

    LMP London Metric

    I'd never heard of this one but it came up on Hargreaves Lansdown 's suggestions from an email and looks like an interesting REIT: Looks pretty interesting, anyone invested?
  18. The Dividend Experiment


    I have seen a couple of these receipt scanning type applications, why do they want your receipts? Any ideas?
  19. The Dividend Experiment

    Would you rather go via a SPAC or IPO

    If you wanted your company to go public would you rather go via a SPAC or do it the old fashioned IPO way? I feel like going the IPO route has a sense of trustworthiness or authenticity that SPACs don't seem to have earned yet, what do you guys think?
  20. The Dividend Experiment

    Evergrande - Chinese property giant in trouble

    I saw this earlier, thought it was interesting. Shame that I own so much RIO haha Companies and China exposure Prudential PLC (LSE:PRU) 70% Rio Tinto PLC (LSE:RIO) 62% Ferrexpo PLC (LSE:FXPO) 60% HSBC Holdings PLC 53% Burberry Group PLC (LSE:BRBY) 51% Kenmare Resources plc (LSE:KMR) 50%...