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  1. Smart Finance

    Trading212 50% reduced CFD spread

    Just recieved an email from Trading212 saying they have reduced their spread on CFD trading, though stocks are reduced by 15%. Still believe there are better brokers for CFD trading. Not something I'm keen on then. Must be quite large spread for them to be able to make such a reduction.
  2. Smart Finance

    Private Pension Advice/Opinion

    SIPPs are a great option for the self employed, that tax relief really helps go along way, especially if you are a higher rate tax payer. Vanguard will be a good option if you gravitate more towards Vanguard funds, just depends on the flexibility you wish to have. I have a SIPP with Hargreaves...
  3. Smart Finance

    September Dividends £114.70 from 5 positions

    A great amount! Haven't seen many people invest into McAfee
  4. Smart Finance

    Intrinsic value of stocks

    You can find the resources here: https://sensibleinvestors.co.uk/resources/ There are Google sheets available to download. A sample version of our eBook and a FI flow chart to give some ideas of how to maximise the efficiency of your accounts and get the most for your money.
  5. Smart Finance

    Smart Portfolio - 15/10/2021 - £129.97 Value

    The Smart Portfolio utilises a strategy called Core and Satellite. The aim is to use an ETF as the majority of the portfolio (Core) to reduce the beta and individual stocks (Satellites) to improve the chances to BEAT the overall market. Portfolio Value Portfolio change % £129.97 -0.02%...
  6. Smart Finance

    Episode 1

    Soon shall be walking to work soon so that should help. You got a phone holder now haven't you? Surprised you didn't fall off the bike haha
  7. Smart Finance

    General Investing Terms

    I like how you've managed to explain some of these terms simply for people to understand.
  8. Smart Finance

    How beat inflation with investing?

    I am taking a stance more towards REITs over commercial properties, only because of the simplicity. Obviously with real estate investing you have the benefits of having leverage but there are also more risks involved.
  9. Smart Finance

    Who uses premium bonds?

    That's an substantial amount in Premium Bonds. Surprised you had 3 months of nothing previously. Having cash, whether an emergency fund or F.U money, can be extremely beneficial. I've known a few people with larger portfolios count cash as a position, normally no more than 5-10% of their portfolio.
  10. Smart Finance

    Should You Cancel Your Credit Card After You Pay it Off?

    I cannot argue with that logic 😂
  11. Smart Finance

    SEGRO Plc - SGRO

    Conclusion SEGRO Plc has a great portfolio of assets spread across Europe with properties in logistical places. SGRO management team has a very good and strong business plan and we have seen them put this to action with the sale of the 6 Italian warehouses recently. Recently SGRO has seen a...
  12. Smart Finance

    SEGRO Plc - SGRO

    Stock Research SEGRO Plc Ticker SGRO.L What does the company do? SEGRO Plc (formerly known as Slough Estates Group) is a British property investment and development company. They develop and invest in properties located across the UK and continental Europe. Across Europe they have a total of...
  13. Smart Finance

    Episode 1

    Going to check this out as soon as I get home 💪 tbh I need to work out more haha
  14. Smart Finance

    Experts say £10,900 annual income needed to retire.

    Reading the article it claims that the majority of the budget is made up from State Pension with a top up of a private pension. These numbers seem off or very generous at the least. I feel like such an article would take people towards a feeling of false belief. I don't even expect State Pension...
  15. Smart Finance

    Experts say £10,900 annual income needed to retire.

    Is it me or does £10,900 not sound like a lot to retire with? The budget increases to £16,700 for a couple. The budget now includes Netflix and personal grooming for the first time. This budget is set by Pension and lifetime savings association (PLSA). Personally I wonder what kind of life...
  16. Smart Finance

    The millenial movement to quit work - BBC

    I'd agree, it's amazing that those who wish to not work their entire lives are looked down upon so much. Its amazing to hear your taking steps to change that for your family. The school education system was made to create workers, not free thinkers. Your son certainly can do blacksmithing as...
  17. Smart Finance

    Who uses premium bonds?

    Thats got to be quite nice to have a win each month. Id wonder if gambling addicts were to put their money into premium bonds could it stretch that itch and build up a little nest egg. Interest rates are shocking. I made more money through dividends in one month on £10k than an entire 5 years...
  18. Smart Finance

    Dot Com bubble and crash

    Love watching these older videos about financial situations, much like the Milton Friedman free to choose series (highly recommend). This one is a hour long about the Dot Com bubble and subsequental crash of the market:
  19. Smart Finance

    BP where’s it going

    The last 5 years were okay until march 2020 and is slowly making its way back up. Really not sure how much these gas prices really affect BP as they have their fingers in lots of pies/ 76% of their revenue came from "Customers & Products". Their Gas & low carbon energy along side their Oil...
  20. Smart Finance

    Which way will gold go?

    Its been rather interesting couple of years for gold. The more and more i hear about it, the more bearish the news i keep hearing. I see a lot of people talking about how Crypto is replacing Gold as a non correlating asset. We all know the success with Bitcoin but find all the other Cr4p coins...