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Beginner's Guide to Technical analysis?


New member
Jul 29, 2021
For Beginners would suggest to read technical analysis book and to back test them till it you gain confidence. Then always start paper trading, can do Paper trading through sites like Trading View they provide you with system tracks your orders and you can see how much Profit or Loss you have on your account.
Books I would suggest to read are:
Technical Analaysis of Financial Markets - By John J Murphy
Japanese Candle Stick Trading - Steve Nison
Trading Price Action Trends - Al Brooks.
Would recommend to watch Videos by Bill Williams about Fracatal investment techniques, he has developed a trading system called Profitunity system Which is very good and easy to understand.
Hope this helps, Happy Learning Happy Trading.




New member
Jul 29, 2021
Technical Analysis is a very vast topic. Would suggest you to follow a trading system rather than just following indicators. As indicators only provide one half of the picture. A Complete trading system with the use of technical indicators would be useful. Like RSI trading system by Andrew Cardwell would give us a good detailed picture about the market and would give us action plan to trade in the market. Choose the trading indicator based on your trading style RSI is good for medium to long term traders. For Intra-day traders would suggest Super Trend, Bollinger Bands and MACD.