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Episode 2


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Mar 15, 2021
Hey guys! I would love to hear your thoughts on some of the things discussed on my daily cycle Livestream to the gym where I discuss what my thougts are on the market and other general topics.

Topics covered in Episode 2;

Part 1 - Trip to gym
  • Put all your effort into building a habit
  • Motivation is a limited resource
  • Tesla FSD 10.2
  • Getting people into investing - Have a deep intrisic goal
Part 2 - Trip back
  • Fitness tips
  • Dating story - (Time I got catfished and how companies do the same thing)
  • Actively seeing progress
  • How hard it is to stay consistent
  • How social media messes with your mind
  • The youtube Grind
  • How important it is to link a specific Investing strategy to someone's personality

Bike Rides thumbnail template.jpg

Bike rides with Kay - Ep 2 <-- Link to Youtube vid
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