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Freedom 24


Have you ever wished you could have got into an IPO before they came to market only to see you missed out on an opportunity when the company goes live? Now you can with Freedom Finance, giving the normal investor the chance to buy into up and coming IPOs.

Some of the latest IPOs coming to market:


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How To Get Into IPOs Before They Go Live

Participate in IPO:
The average profit for 3 months (93 days) is 63% (as of 04/11/21)

Company Overview​

Freedom Finance Europe Ltd is the only EU-based stock broker listed on the Nasdaq, which allows retail investors to participate in “big name” IPOs such as Airbnb, Snowflake & Robinhood.

Snowflake IPO price $120 a share, current price $353.14 a share (as of 04/11/21)
Airbnb IPO price $68 a share, current price $172.87 a share (as of 04/11/21)

Started in 2008 with the Facebook IPO, Freedom Finance has offered IPOs to 350,000 worldwide clients which have participated in over 250 IPOs through the convenient platform. Not only does the company offer IPOs but also include 40k trade stocks, 1200 ETFs and 147k bonds on the largest exchanges in Europe, Asia and the USA.

Freedom Finance Europe Ltd is the European subsidiary of a Nasdaq-listed Freedom
Holding Corp with a market cap of just around $3.8B. Holding’s units are regulated by US
(SEC) and EU (BaFin and CySec). Freedom Finance Europe Ltd is a transparent and reliable stock broker, fully compliant with the MiFID II - a regulatory framework that ensures the highest investor protection level possible. We are a direct member of Euroclear Bank's Admissions Committee and have a "B" long-term credit rating assigned by Standard & Poor's Global Ratings. In addition to the above, customer’s assets are protected by ICF.

Freedom Finance Review 2021 - A Classic Broker with an Exciting Twist​

Upcoming IPOs​

Some of the latest IPOs getting listed on the market which Freedom24 allows access to clients to get in before getting listed on the market.

Companies which recently IPO'd:
The Rivian brand’s most affordable vehicle costs $67,500. As of September 30, 2021, 48,390 pre-orders were placed for the company's entire product range. According to the S1 form, one of the company's biggest customers is Amazon, for which Rivian is expected to manufacture 100,000 electric vehicles by 2025.
The start-up has raised $10.7bn in 10 rounds of funding since its inception. Notable investors include Amazon and Ford, owning more than 5% stake of the company each, plus Fidelity and T. Rowe Price. The start-up began manufacturing its first cars only in September 2021, so it is not yet generating profits.
Expensify (EXFY), a developer of a cloud-based software platform that enables efficient expense management, launched on November 9 on the Nasdaq exchange.

The Expensify product streamlines cash management for employees and suppliers by simplifying the process of scanning and reimbursing settlement receipts. The services are available to both corporations and individuals, with the option of selecting a bespoke pricing plan based on the number of active users.
Click here to find out more about up and coming IPOsClick here to find out more about up and coming IPOs

Product Features And Trading Instruments​

Freedom Finance clients get access to multiple stock exchanges from all around the world through Freedom 24.
Having access to stock exchanges all round the world enables clients of Freedom 24 to have access to over 1,000,000 instruments. You can get access to the more comment exchanges such as the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), Nasdaq and European exchanges such as the London Stock Exchange (LSE) and Euronext but also foreign markets such as Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) and the Moscow Exchange.

The exclusive feature Freedom24 is providing is the access to IPOs for the individual investor, which previously was only available for the institutional investors.
Their analysts carefully study the business indicators and market environment to suggest the most promising offerings to our clients - who can buy IPO stocks at initial price and sell them at market price after a 93 days lock-up period.
Average price growth during the lock-up is 65% (as of 16.09.2021)
The Freedom24 IPO page: https://freedom24.com/ipo

In addition to having access to 1,000,000 instruments and upcoming IPOs, all clients have a D-account. The D-account is a savings account available to clients which use the USD currency. These accounts currently offer 3% per annum, which is higher than most European savings accounts. These funds can be instantly transferred by customers easily between the savings account to the trading account in a few clicks.

There are different service plans available to clients to suit trading style and goals. Each plan provides various options to decrease trading costs.

Smart in EUR- Ideal for starting out
Commission per share:€0.02
+ Minimum per order+€2
SMS notification€0.05
Payment by card2.50%

Fix in EUR- Lower than other brokers
Commission per share:€0.012
+ Minimum per order+€1.2
SMS notification€0.03
Payment by card2.50%

Super in EUR- Get maximum benefit by making a larger number of trades.
Commission per share:€0.008
+ Minimum per order+€1.2
SMS notification€0.00
Payment by card2.50%


For new users, after registration, new users can benefit from the free promo plan which allows you to trade for free for the first 30 days.

PROMO (First 30 days)Specific for new clients
Commission per share:€0.00
+ Minimum per order+€0.00
SMS notification€0.00
Payment by card0.00%

Freedom24 Blog​

A helpful tool provided by Freedom24 is their Invest Ideas blog which is aimed towards beginner (and experienced) traders which is written by award-winning Freedom Finance securities analysts which includes recommendations and financial forecasts.

Some blog pieces includes:

How to invest wisely in the green energy sector: the top 4 ETFS

Five Liquid ETFs for those looking to invest in China

Having such blogs available means stocks, bonds, IPOs or markets you may not have known much about otherwise and possible opportunities may arise.

Freedom24’s professional customer service is ready to help new traders with their questions and requests for advice on investments by specific areas. The customer service can be reached by phone call, secure email, live support chat and social messaging applications, depending on the geographical area of the customer. Also, clients can use the helpdesk ticketing system after registration and participate in educational webinars from the Freedom Finance team.

IPO Features​

The opportunity to participate in an IPO for retail investors is Freedom24's unique feature among the EU brokers. Customers can get IPO stocks at their initial price prior to public trading, and earn by selling stocks as soon as stocks get listed on the exchange and their lock-up period expires (prices can grow by tens or even hundreds of percent). The minimal amount to get IPO stocks is just $2,000. During the lock-up period, the investors can also use a forward contract to fix the price.

The number of shares purchased by clients during an IPO depends on supply and demand. The allocation of IPO shares is calculated individually depending on the client rating, based on his Freedom24 trading history and assets (clients with higher rating can get larger allocation). The rating is calculated transparently for customers and updated automatically.

It is important to take care of your client rating to get a larger allocation of IPO stocks.
The rating criteria are:
- portfolio liquidity;
- trading activity;
- consistency of IPO participation.

Portfolio Liquidity -
This point, which impacts the allocation more than others, assesses the liquidity of the securities included into the portfolio. IPO shares during the lock up period are considered not liquid.

Trading activity -
This is about your trading transactions: buying and selling shares, using your margin, buying forwards, and using subscription plans. Please note: IPO trading commission does not count.

IPO trading consistency -
This means whether you invest more or less the same amount into all IPO's you trade.

Get started by building a diversified portfolio of liquid securities, and pay attention to new
IPOs - they appear at Freedom24 quite often, and we always highlight them in our e-mail
and social network channels.


Extra Details​

Investors from around the world have the opportunity to invest into the IPO market which have not had the opportunity before.

Here is a list of geographical countries which the service is available to:
Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Estonia, Spain, Finland, France, United Kingdom, Greece, Croatia, Hungary, Ireland, Iceland, Italy,
Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Latvia, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal,
Qatar, Romania, Sweden, Slovenia, Slovakia, Thailand, United Arab Emirates.