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Smart Portfolio - 26/11/2021 - £254.69 Value

Smart Finance

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Feb 23, 2021

Smart Portfolio.png

The Smart Portfolio utilises a strategy called Core and Satellite. The aim is to use an ETF as the majority of the portfolio (Core) to reduce the beta and individual stocks (Satellites) to improve the chances to BEAT the overall market.

Portfolio ValuePortfolio change %
Trading212 Pie link:

Latest stock purchase​

This week the portfolio has dropped from its heights of 3.60% profit down to only 1.90%. I did not want to beat around the bush this week and thought upon this small downward movement of the stock market that I would in turn buy the whole market. Buying the whole market makes the most sense to me at the current time as it's the most balanced approach I can take towards the portfolio without trying to look into my magic ball and try to predict which stock will perform well.

This weeks purchase:
VWRL @ 0.055 shares

This weeks changes​

Black Friday is upon us along with the American markets away for thanksgiving. With only a half day of market in the US and a new variant of Covid announced, the stock market as a whole performed poorly and retracted from yesterday into the red. The reason for such a large pull back of the market is mainly due to uncertainty, as a result of the new variant. The market does not like uncertainty and as we don't know how this new development will affect us, our stocks or the world as a whole, people have been taking profits to protect them from market volatility. Remember that we are investors and not traders so we do not sell unless strong fundamental changes occur and we average into solid holdings.

Our largest Gain: Microsoft (MSFT) @ 14.73%
Our largest Loss: Global Payment Network (GPN) @ -15.10%

Portfolio News​

StockTicker% of PortfolioAct. & of PortfolioGain/Loss (%)
Vanguard FTSE All-world UCITS VWRL6059.951.39%
Microsoft CorporationMSFT64.9614.73%
Amazon.com IncAMZN66.9711.04%
Mastercard IncorporatedMA55.920.60%
UnitedHealth Group Inc.UNH54.0610.12%
ASML HoldingASML56.063.00%
Oracle CorporationORCL42.705.69%
Global Payments Inc.GPN45.5-15.10%
S&P Global Inc.SPGI32.306.55%
The Walt Disney CompanyDIS21.59-10.00%

Some of the news coming out about stocks within the portfolio.​

Can a New Bundle Help Disney+ Keep Growing.
DIS is looking to rejuvenate subscriber numbers by investing heavily into its direct-to-consumer offerings over the next 3 years. It is suggested that they may add as many as four million new subscribers over the next month by making changes to its Hulu + Live TV subscriptions.

Extinction Rebellion Targets Amazon Warehouse In Black Friday Blockade.
Extinction Rebellion’s Black Friday demonstration started at 4am with about 20 activists participating. The group said it will target Amazon sites in Doncaster, Darlington, Newcastle, Manchester, Peterborough, Derby, Rugeley, Dartford, Bristol, Tilbury and Milton Keynes.

Oracle (ORCL) Teams Up With Airtel To Drive Cloud Market Push.
Oracle (ORCL) teamed up with India-based Bharti Airtel to extend its cloud offerings to more than a million Airtel enterprise clients, which includes start-ups, big corporations and small and medium enterprise (SMEs) in the country. Airtel is one of the leading telecommunication services companies in the country.

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