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Which way will gold go?

Smart Finance

Staff member
Feb 23, 2021
Its been rather interesting couple of years for gold. The more and more i hear about it, the more bearish the news i keep hearing. I see a lot of people talking about how Crypto is replacing Gold as a non correlating asset. We all know the success with Bitcoin but find all the other Cr4p coins joining the gang now trying to ride the wave.

Do we think over the long term, next couple decades? Crypto will replace Gold?

I have found two articles online, both with different out looks of gold, what is your opinion on it?

First we have Goldhub, i find this could be fairly bias with the news as it obviously would benefit them to push people to be bullish with gold.

Second is Knoema, never heard of this company before. But they have a bearish view for gold not only in 2021, 2022 but also long term to 2030.